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Attending the wedding flowers counted as spam?

Perhaps this story will make you feel enlightened.
Piggy asked my mother, where is happiness, mother says that happiness is on its tail. Pig nibbled the tail, but they can't bite, it is discouraging to say hold happiness, mother smiled: silly boy, if you go straight ahead, happiness will follow quietly.
Yesterday, Mr cousin's wedding day. Mr black accord cars were requisitioned to do wedding car, put some into the front beautiful flower, the rear also put up a few more red yarn made of flowers.
Wedding at XING Bao Sheng XI Lu, a hotel lunch table when he parked in a hotel not far away, a dash on parking spaces. After the "long walk", also after a high-speed road (car from Fuling, also went to territorial waters meet the bride), the flowers and the leaves were blown out of many, Mr tore down into the trash.
2 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr CHENG meal out of the hotel, also rear some flowers down, you want to throw into the trash, two sanitation workers were cleaning up the trash.
"They won't let me, says bin is designed to trash, this cannot be thrown. "Mr felt was unreasonable, this after spending, is not garbage, why not throw? Mr flowers in it.
Mr CHENG did not expect is that a garbage man sister reached out into the garbage, flowers had just thrown out, and threw flowers before, a lot of, strode to the front of Mr CHENG, opened the passenger door and threw into the petal, crumple of paper scattered on the seat.
He endured the gas, put the garbage out, again into the garbage. Sanitation worker sister was persistent, split out again and knead into a ball, open the door again, throw in.
He really blew up, pulling some flowers out, thrown on the roadside.
See the occurred is disputed, several colleagues from a nearby garbage man big sister came, many friends and relatives of Mr CHENG finished eating I came out, saying all right, calm down, were also arrested.
Sanitation workers called the head of the sanitation Department, Mr CHENG also called the police. Coordinated, sanitation Department clean up garbage on Mr CHENG's car and taken away. Also rub some mud outside the car, sanitation Department also brought Mr to wash the car.
Mr Cheng said, cousin's wedding day, have such "nonsense" thing is really angry, the bride and groom in a hotel, do not know this thing, can't say, undermine festive atmosphere.
Yesterday afternoon, the party garbage man Dragon elder sister said, sidewalk trash can is smaller, more garbage, is not supposed to plug. "I know I threw out to the van, was too angry. "
Back XING sanitation at industrial park station of head forest Mr explained, usually meeting, is to everyone said, more of garbage cannot to garbage box in threw, that main is used to loaded pedestrian of rind confetti of, if didn't two Xia on plug full has, other people on bad threw has; forest Mr said, Dragon sister of practices is some head has, other again how, also cannot threw to family car in. "Who left the ground before cleaning, we are at about one o'clock in the evening to clean, so as not to affect owners of family members. ”

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