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Bicycle wedding: the most important thing is not the intension of ostentation and luxury

26th, at 10 o'clock in the morning, Finch road, in XI ' an city, a new car with a bike, attracted the attention of many people. It is understood that the groom and the bride's wages and benefits are good, conditions at home, a House and a car. Said bicycle wedding cars, groom is not short of money, there is no need to waste. (November 27, the huashang daily) along with rapid social and economic development and living standards improve, some comparisons show, extravagance and waste, "lengthening" of wealth, or even "no cattle" wedding scene has been into public view, has caused widespread controversy.
Traditional dacaodaban ideas and "proud", ostentatious and psychological, in addition to some extent contributing to adverse social atmosphere also weddings becoming increasingly monotonous and often lack a distinctive personality and new age atmosphere. In this context, bus, high-speed rail wedding, the wedding cart wedding, bicycles, simple weddings, turned out will be refreshing and wonder again and again. Wedding such as this may seem simple, but actually low-carbon, environmentally friendly, affordable, convenient and deliver a different kind of romance and infinite warmth, can also allow more people to share the couple's love and happy journey.
In fact, the wedding is just a ceremony, the most important thing is not the intension of pomp and luxury, but in remembrance and commitment. Bicycle wedding is a beautiful landscape of modern civilized city, is also a realistic microcosm of the concept of value pluralism, ideological progress, still vivid practice of the establishment of a conservation-minded society. Bicycle wedding, witnessed the kind of romantic love and a happy journey, bear witness to a love and happiness no traffic jams.

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