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Creative wedding gift of honey market

Honey – meaning "honey"
Marry Miss white collar, to friends and family out of the candy was two cans of honey. Two cans of 25 grams each of honey and Red cap stuck on a "heart", it says "honey". Two cans of honey wrapped in a big red translucent veils, tie a big red ribbon, Ribbon and cards written with the couple's names. Used to receive a variety of chocolate candy's friends and family have been this "Honey Sweet" attracted, very unique.
At Temple and festive goods wholesale market, "Honey-Sweet" popular among young people. "We call it the ' honey '. "Owner of a PU Jiang said, English honey is honey, symbolizing sweetness. Many fancy new gift of candy, while a bottle of more "Hi honey", or simply to send two bottles of "honey" as an alternative to candy. He said that when business is good, which sold nearly 3000 bottles of honey a day.
According to Chiang's boss introduced, "Hi honey" honey does not come from well-known brands, many produced in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, but many businesses swear, honey, absolutely health care. "Hi honey" on the bottle, hygiene license for factory production licenses and printed information. "Marriage is toffee in the past, turned chocolates, now a lot of people don't like to eat dessert. "Chiang's boss said with a smile, a lot of people think honey is good for health, it can also be used to make tea, so I prefer to use" Hi honey "instead of candy.

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