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More personalized wedding, wedding of consumption has risen

Public Chen Mr and Zhao is this year May married of, Zhao to reporter introduced has she wedding consumption of roughly statistics: Banquet 50 table, amounted to about 40,000 yuan; smoke wine sugar tea and the fruits, about 10,000 yuan; makeup, and took wedding, and loan wedding dress, spent about 5000 Yuan; wedding site layout, and site photography camera, package to wedding company, total paid more than 30,000 more Yuan, plus some scattered costs, total spent has near 90,000 yuan. Zhao said that although their wedding consumption standard is basically middle-grade level, but is also careful to each link.
According to Wu Yanrong introduces, at present, the situation in the urban areas, bincheng district only have forty or fifty scale sizes of wedding service companies or stores. Different wedding company, scope and focus of the service are not the same, flagship of wedding planning, staging and execution, with live video are featured, there are wedding floral design, which can provide customers with a wide range of special services.
"Pure Chinese and Western style weddings are rare, but the ' Western ' style wedding favor. Like champagne, candle holders of these link are Western-style wedding program, is now also widely participates in a traditional Chinese wedding. "Wu Yanrong said, at present, binzhou's wedding market well, million Yuan more than in the high-end wedding presents a significant growth trend. But overall consumption levels relative to surrounding areas are not high. "I handled the wedding service, consumption is up to eighty thousand or ninety thousand Yuan. In General, removing fleet costs, 5000 to 10000 Yuan is accepted by consumers more price range. "
Wedding market JI Wu Yanrong said annual marriage season concentrated in late April, early May as well as September and October. Binzhou's wedding market has great potential, quality, service, innovation, and so there is a lot of space. However, due to the wedding company registered a lower threshold, lead to the wedding industry service level regardless of quality.
"Currently, binzhou's wedding industry is in a period of increased development, some low-end wedding companies or stores are often artificially lowering prices to attract customers, resulting in disorderly competition in the industry and even cause confusion in the market. "Wu Yanrong said, at present, the whole lack of uniform service standards and management of the wedding industry, wedding disputes.
"Wedding dispute focuses on wedding cars team fails to arrive, wedding company wedding car number or temporary a lack of models make up, supervisors and other staff did not do their duty, and so on. "A wedding company staff, the detail is the key to a perfect wedding, wedding aspects of the layout is not so luxurious, more is embodied in the wedding company, entire wedding design is smooth and natural. "Sometimes, a Word to their hearts, and customers are very satisfied. ”

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