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Wedding music is "fashion wedding" more attractive

Wedding music is makes "fashion wedding" more with charm of important part, no music of deduction wedding is pale of, good of wedding music is in wedding ceremony in the most can up to helped role of "props". good of wedding music can will wedding of each a process divided have at a glance, more can manufacturing a of wedding climax, let presence of guest full love input and for truth and moved.
The wedding comes in two versions:
First, Mendelssohn's Wedding March. Original Opera the fifth Act of the Midsummer night's dream Overture, Derson completed at the age of 17 the Department's work, initially he was a Shakespeare play of the same name, the first four hands piano prelude, with its fantastic fantasy and romantic taste are the world's favorite, later adapted the works of the composer.
Another of Wagner's Wedding March. Original Opera Lohengrin, Act III a mixed chorus at the start of the wedding Cantata, often used for wedding music, named after the wedding, was adapted for orchestral music.
Former Merry passions, which solemn Wagner's Wedding March known throughout Europe and the United States, its influence and Mendelssohn's Wedding March, par, while in China it even more familiar to you than the latter. In the West, people used to use two of the wedding on your wedding day. According to the Western tradition, upon admission to the bride played Wagner's Wedding March. To play when the couple stepped out of the Church of Mendelssohn's Wedding March.
Wagner's Wedding March was originally a three-Act Opera the legend four of a mixed chorus in Lohengrin. The Lohengrin plot summary is this:
In heaven "San Lin Wangguo", who guarded the Holy Grail Knight named Lohengrin. One day, he saw one uneven thing in the world, came to Earth, defeating the usurper fuliedelike sound risk, rescue Princess Elsa of being framed up. And made into a Swan Prince by black magic – ELSA's brother returned to human form. ELSA don't know God Lohengrin, she fell in love with the courage, the young warrior. Lohengrin is also in love with Elsa, and promised to marry her, but there is one condition, and that is never to ELSA ask me his name and origins. On the day of the wedding night, nice, uncomplicated ELSA was bad, persuaded the problem raised should not be, because the pledge is destroyed, Lohengrin but sorry to say goodbye to her back, "Lin Wangguo".
Except above listed of 2 first wedding music outside, Chopin of impromptu Fantasia, and drop e major Nocturne, de PUMA West of Moonlight, and linen color hair of girls, Tchaikovsky Polanski of Waltz (selected since ballet drama sleep beauty), and c major string Le Serenade, small Johann Strauss of wine, and woman and Waltz, and Anna polka dance, Elgar of love of greeting, Brahms of lullaby, Schubert of Notre Dame Chung, music, Also used in different styles of wedding etiquette around the world that are frequently used.

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