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Wedding, not ostentatious and budget-conscious about the benefits

On September 21, the journalists visited the provincial capital over the wedding company, browse local wedding Forum, and capture the wedding industry this year of "pop". Compared with previous years, married couples pay more attention this year wedding cost control in the process, in which many of them tend to buy wedding supplies. On September 19, the Taobao homeopathy also launched an online wedding market, for the wedding of the year consumer added to stir.
"Dig out details" wedding cost saving "set the October's wedding six months ago. Asked a few hotels, cheap table/1399, most expensive table/2099 at one table. Finally we ordered 20 1799 catering for a table of the table, and that doesn't include drinks and candy too! "Speaking of soaring wedding prices, groom in Hefei city, running a lead-acid battery business week with a look of frustration. Hotel industry insiders told reporters, driven by rising prices, wedding prices are rising in almost two years. Every thousand Yuan of banquet two years ago, is now going to go up to around 1300, and slightly higher grade feast, it is up to 2000 a table, many newcomers loudly shouts too much.
Married banquet of cost up has, week Mr and girlfriend will began wondering with in wedding other spending Shang pull details save money, to ease economic pressure: week Mr himself Dan outline wedding planning; in acquaintances in the selected MC; Internet Amoy wedding invitations, and dress and married shoes; accept colleagues gift of capitatum, and distribution ornaments; in buy website Shang set drinks, even in local forum Shang Amoy up has second-hand wedding.
It is understood that some local forums in Hefei "wedding" version of frequent users transfer their unused wedding supplies, wedding shoes, wedding dresses and so on. Two days ago, Hefei Netizen "Liu Yan Fei fish" on the Web has just bought himself a pair of wedding shoes. She explains that the shoes after the discovery, together with shoes is not suitable for the cold climate of the family's home, so the new transfer, prices are cheaper than the Internet, it was "a rare opportunity" had many busy shopping the bride's attention. Preparing for the wedding at the end of the Netizen Xiao CAI is very concerned about the transfer of local wedding supplies information. "Anyway, in a city that has time to look at and, if appropriate, could also save some money. "Little Miss CHOY said.
Businesses are also keen to capture the consumer "to tighten their wallets" trends, Photo Studio, wedding company are now offering online shopping, playing "a penny saved is the hard truth" and "two wedding dresses one money" "car supermarkets ultra-low consumption" and other slogans, attracting a great deal of money. There are Suzhou wedding Center wedding company designed to organize customer to bulk purchase wedding dresses, one down, new people find affordable wedding, travel and tourism, two birds with one stone.
"Personalized" showing different mood despite the popular wave of low-cost, now new people still want their wedding to be different. "Before I attended several weddings, almost always a mold carved out of, see, very boring. On the premise of controlling costs, I'd like to make your wedding special. "A wedding company on Shouchun road, to communicate the wedding bride Liu said of the trip.
Recently, this reporter visited the Hefei city God Temple wedding supplies market and several wedding company on Shouchun road, many industry insiders told reporters that in order to meet consumer demand for personalized, town planning style of wedding planning agency are moving from a focus on ritual to focus on wedding culture to explore. "For example, we can, through the sand paintings to acquaintance of the couple fell in love, their stories through pictures shown, also do not have ideas. "Amateur wedding planning company adviser said," this wedding sand painting, costs about 3000 Yuan. "Insiders told reporters that in addition to wedding planning for the new" show ", some new people also volunteered to perform at the wedding, as affectionate, embracing jumped into a song Duet" Waltz ", and so on, in order to show their interests in life or expressing sincere emotion on both sides, no doubt to the weddings of quite a few romance enrichment.
Not only that, at the time of purchase wedding supplies, many couples choose to have innovative products, such as movie ticket, train ticket style invitations, jewelry boxes, candy jar-shaped candy boxes and so on. A fancy wedding supplies, can even be the highlight of the wedding, to leave a deep impression.
Interspersed with the wedding of features compared to the small programs, props, new people to a wedding's overall style, personalized wedding theme is undoubtedly more important. Hefei wedding Expo held in late August this year at the meeting, in blue, white, mainly Aegean Sea wedding theme attracted the attention of many people, in addition to reviewing traditional folk wedding Hanfu is also very popular. Visible, provincial capital of the new people want to dress up your wedding in a unique way. "Try creative, aesthetic fatigue is to not let the guests. "Liu said.

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