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promotion of cultural "love marriage" since its inception, adhere to the advocate to do cultural art weddings, wedding, wedding. Encourage new people into a wedding with family, love, friendship in the name of party, distillation of emotion through wedding, let the truth together, let everybody share the romance of weddings and sweet, experienced family warmth and touch, feel the preciousness of friendship and kindness, knowing that more obligations and responsibilities!
Wedding team we listened attentively to the stories of love, feeling love your sweet, your love has inspired us countless inspirations, unlimited creativity for we will leave you with lasting memories.
Love is the most beautiful flower on Earth, is the most beautiful in the world-note love, is life's miracle power and most stirring chapters in life!
--Ministry of planning from the flowers bloom for your love, family and friends for your love, and we will be your best witness of love.
--MC's message each time when you open a Pandora's box, I firmly believe that, with my creations enable you to become the world's most beautiful Elves.
--Makeup from the professional building beautiful, skilled in every detail. --Words from engineering to capture the moment of truth, recording memorable perfect happiness. --Video message from a perfect wedding, as well to shoot a movie. Screenwriter (Planner) ideas, directors (supervisors) of field command, starring (bride and groom) portrait of the interpretation of special effects, live music, stage, tacit perfect truth records, photography, photographer, film and television production, make your once in a lifetime wedding become a timeless classic.
No happy people in the world, only not happy heart!!!
Not the most perfect person in the world, only the most perfect team ... ...!!

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